We know fresh is best, and our dogs do too. Especially in Vancouver, you can’t go a block without encountering a huge selection of fare with labels like, “Organic,” “All-Natural,” or “Raw.” Fresh foods are on the rise, and your pup can reap the (health) benefits too. We’ve compiled a list of Canadian brands specializing in gently cooked dog foods, so your fur-child can enjoy great taste without sacrificing a full nutritional profile.

Kafka’s Organic

This Vancouver brand is creating minimally processed and superfood-packed dog food. Start off with the Meal Plan Calculator on their website, and figure out what your dog needs based on their age, weight, and body condition. Kafka’s will do the rest, creating a menu for your pup that is designed to have them looking and feeling their best. Locally-sourced veggies like kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes pack in a punch in Kafka’s fresh blends and can help your pooch meet health goals like weight loss, strengthened immunity, and a full coat. Kafka’s delivers free on orders $120+ to pet parents in BC and for a fee to the rest of the country. If you’re around town, you could also pick up directly from their kitchen in Strathcona, or from a verified retailer

Purr Tip: They make nutritious nosh for your feline friends too!

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Puppy Gang

You won’t find any additives or preservatives in Puppy Gang’s chow. With a mountain of 5-star ratings from verified buyers, this Ontario-based company helps owners stay consistent with a subscription program that brings the freshness right to your door. Like many brands on this list, Puppy Gang first issues a questionnaire to best understand your dog and its individual requirements. Then just sit back, and receive meals formulated under the supervision of a holistic veterinarian. All recipes are upfront with an ingredients list, and identify the purpose of every element in these well-rounded meals. You can even check out their Pawdcast, to learn more about their outlook on natural canine nutrition.

Tom & Sawyer

Balanced meals developed by pet nutritionists, individually curated for your pet’s dietary needs, and made by professional chefs. Doesn’t sound too bad, hey? These lab-tested products sound like something you might order at a Yaletown café, with options like the Buddha Bowl, Goji Berry Beef, and Rosemary Venison. Every dish is displayed with a Feeding Guide, Nutritional Info, and Nutrient Profile, so you can be sure your pup is receiving not only the best, but what’s best for them uniquely. Sign up for a subscription if you’re ready to commit, or buy individual meals from local retailers if you want to take them for a test munch first. 


The ingredients in Kabo’s product are of such high quality, they’re approved for human-grade consumption (do with this information what you will). The reviews are in and they are good; it was successfully pitched on Dragon’s Den and lauded in publications such as Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star. Each recipe comes with a full breakdown of the nutritional info, detailing the protein, fat, fiber, calories, and moisture levels in each dish; it’s even customizable. Choose from options like Savoury Beef, Luscious Lamb, and even Hypoallergenic Salmon for our sidekicks with sensitivities. Kabo ships to most Canadian provinces for free, with the exception of Nunavut, Newfoundland, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

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Canada Fresh

In true Canadian fashion, Canada Fresh boasts 95% fresh meat content. These carnivorous meals are a guaranteed natural source of glucosamine, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. This brand offers an ingredient you might not have seen before, Green Tripe! Although admittedly stinky and not exactly easy on the eyes, this unbleached and all-natural stomach lining is a great call-back to the diets of your dog’s ancestors. It provides nutrients that aid in weight maintenance, appetite stimulation,  cognitive function, muscle recovery, increased stamina, and digestion. The benefits don’t stop with your dog, as a portion of proceeds from every can is donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. 

Final Thoughts 

Only very recently have we seen the development of regulated standards for pet food, with many brands slipping through the cracks and saturating the market with low-nutritional kibble. While fresh food costs might seem tricky upfront, many claim their savings on vet bills which more than make up for it. If a subscription feels too hasty, you could try out a bag or two from your local pet store. Observe for yourself the difference in your pup’s mood, energy levels, skin and fur, and bowel movements. If your dog is indulging in behaviours like grass-eating, fresh food might be your answer.