You get so many little perks from owning a pet; even small pets can add a little light to your life. They are a great source of companionship, comfort, and promote many health benefits. The special thing about pets is that they love you no matter what, they don’t even realize how much they mean to you and vice versa! It’s well known that owning a cat or a dog comes with great responsibility, so if you want to enjoy your life with an animal companion that doesn’t end up taking over everything, one of these 5 small pets may be your best option!


To start, hamsters are generally inexpensive animals to own; even the cumulative cost of supplies and care is significantly lower than owning a cat or dog. This animal does not need extensive training as they are quite low maintenance, unless you plan to handle them. Handling and interacting with your hamster will greatly benefit your relationship with them, as they will get to know you and become more comfortable.

a hamster, one of the best small pets, looking tiny on a sofa

Average life span: 2-3 years

Difficulty of care: low maintenance


Rabbits are great pets for families with busy lives, are allergic to dogs, and are wanting a caged animal. They can be calm, sociable, easy to train, and cute! Depending on your rabbit’s personality, you’ll be surprised at how big their personalities can be.

A rabbit looking startled in the grass

You won’t need to take them on walks or constantly give them your attention, but if you want to teach them tricks or give them a litter, you’re in luck: rabbits can learn tricks and play games. Their nature will bring lots of love, entertainment, companionship, and cuddles into your life!

Average life span: 8 to 10 years

Difficulty of care: fairly low maintenance


If you’re looking for a small but lively and long-living pet, a bird might be your ideal new companion. Birds can be social and can bond closely to their owner. This animal thrives whenever their owner is around to fill their social and emotional needs, so if you have a lifestyle that isn’t too busy, this may be your next feathered friend. If it’s your first time owning a bird, read our pet bird guide!

a colourful pet bird preening for the camera

Average life span: up to 30 years – depending on the breed

Difficulty of care: low maintenance


Ferrets are very intelligent animals that tend to be playful. Additionally, this means that they have a lot of energy as well. You can train ferrets to do several tricks, and the process is similar to teaching a dog. If you’re not able to provide this animal the attention it needs, a ferret might not be for you as it can affect their mental health.

a household ferret on a sofa

If you have at least 2 hours a day with them, and don’t mind devoting time to groom them, then ferrets are for you. Although, if you decide to get a ferret and don’t always have time to spend these hours with them every day, ferrets can be self-sufficient with another ferret friend for company.

Average life span: 5 to 10 years

Difficulty of care: medium to high maintenance

Guinea Pigs

Similar to ferrets, the mental health of these animals can be affected if they are lonely; getting a peer for them will prevent that. Their dietary needs and care are quite simple to follow, as long as there is a consistent routine. Additionally, guinea pigs don’t require a lot of your time or space in your home.

Three small pets: guinnea pigs in a row on a pink surface

Guinnea pigs doesn’t necessarily like getting pet, but they truly enjoy their owners’ presence. They are a fairly low-maintenance pet to care for, and if you don’t mind the lack of cuddling, and can provide a gentle environment, guinea pigs are for you!

Average life span: 6 years

Difficulty of care: fairly low maintenance

Are These Small Pets for You?

If you are interested in having a pet other than a fish, that are generally low maintenance, consider these furry creatures listed. That being said, each of these animals requires an appropriate living space, balanced diet, and caring owners. If you’re able to do all of these things, go to your local veterinarian to learn more about which small animal would make the best pet for you.

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