Are you considering getting a cuddly living teddy bear of your own? If you have little ones, some play time to spare, and lots of love to give, then you are definitely on the right track. Labradoodles are the perfect family dog; they understand humans well and are seemingly always happy, AKA, they are 100% Pep & Pup approved. After all, who can resist those smiling eyes, wavey fur, and perennial puppy-like energy? Not us.

They are family dogs, no doubt, and are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. Of course, these pups differ to a certain degree in personality type, just like humans. But for the most part, they are brilliant, empathetic, and full of energy – the perfect new addition to your family.

What Makes Labradoodles a Great First Dog?

The cross between Labrador Retrievers and a classic Poodle gives you fun and energy minus the shedding – it’s the furry best of both worlds!

Labradoodles are easy-going, intelligent, energetic dogs who will make fast friends with anyone up for a game of tug-of-war or with pets to give. Their high energy and playful nature make them the perfect companion for first-time owners – loyal, loving, curious, and playful.

Their friendly temperament around small children (with high tolerances for accidental ear pulls and not-so-accidental ride attempts) make them a popular dog breed in Canada. Not to mention, they are highly intelligent and thus easy to train.

Let’s not forget that they’re totally curly-coat, floppy-ear adorable.


Born to Swim

Labradoodles are the offspring of two water-loving breeds. Likewise, they are more than comfortable around water and like to make a splash. That is especially true when there’s a stick involved; throw one right into the waves and your fur buddy will go barreling right in after it – cannonball style.

If you live in a coastal city or like to take trips out to the lake, all the better.

labradoodle water

They Really Love You

Labradoodles are affectionate and loyal animals, just like their Labrador mom or dad. Their natural instinct to make people happy gives them an infectious and happy energy, making them great friends and excellent therapy dogs. 

They really want to give you all their love! So if you’re thinking of becoming a Labradoodle parent, make sure you have lots of time for your pal.

And They’re Really, Really Cute

Curly and fluffy – a perfectly adorable combo! And it’s not just their floppy ears and soft fur, but their puppy-like personalities. They will carry that same energy and playfulness well into adulthood. 

cute labradoodle

Colours and Sizes

Labradoodles have a wide variety of sizes, depending on whether they are mixed with a miniature, medium, or standard Poodle.

They also come in all kinds of colours: black, white, chocolate brown, blonde, red, or a mix. Get in contact with local Labradoodle breeders in BC to see what cute combinations are around your area.

Play Time

A Labradoodle is always primed for some playtime. As an owner, make sure you have plenty of time to give your pup. They are very social animals, hate being alone, and really want to give you all their love! They also need at least one hour of exercise per day, so make sure there’s someone around to go for a walk.

playtime labradoodle

Everyone’s BFF

A Labradoodle’s gentle natures make them a little kid’s best buddy; it also means they will very rarely have confrontations with other dogs. Unless specifically provoked, they don’t seem to have an aggressive bone in their body, nor will you have to deal with barking or growling often, if at all.

A labradoodle may not be the best pick if you’re looking for a guard dog or protective buddy. Their easy-going nature makes them generally non-conflict-prone animals.

Instead, they will be sure to greet every guest at your dinner party with a friendly sniff!

friendly labradoodle

Final Thoughts

Getting a family dog has plenty of benefits, and a Labradoodle may be the BFF (best furry friend) you and your family are looking for. If you have the time to train and take care of them, they will reciprocate that attention right back with all the love and loyalty a pup could offer.