Want your pup looking and feeling like top dog? Here are 8 Vancouver-based dog groomers with a great track record on pampering pooches. They specialize in a variety of different treatments and philosophies – find the one that best aligns with you!

Dashing Dawgs 

Dashing Dawgs’ takes a well-rounded and balanced approach. In addition to grooming services, they carry premium and organic food options and stimulating toys so your dog can leave looking and feeling good. Depending on the size of your pooch, prices begin at $80 for a top-to-bottom full service groom. This salon is known for its specialization in Nagayu skin therapy, used to cleanse your pup of conditions like dandruff, grease, odour, eye crust, and parasites. 

Purr Tip: Offering a feline dental and grooming menu, they’ll indulge your kitty too!

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Described as a “modern… open-concept spa”, UNLEASHED prides itself on expert and contemporary techniques. Inquire for pricing on their Signature Grooming Package, and other à la carte services. They host a Spa Lounge and Playcare area, which can be attended for a fee, or included for free after a grooming service. This salon offers breed-specific or personalized styling, so your pup can fit in or trendset at the dog park. Get this: a free blueberry facial scrub comes with every treatment. Can the owners opt-in for this too? 

Dharma Dog Services 

Dharma Dog Services knows true beauty starts from within. The service menu was designed by Certified Canine Behaviour Specialist Nik Fabisiak, and places a huge emphasis on happiness and peacefulness. Not a detail is spared by these professional groomers who can customize treatments to your pup specific needs, utilizing aromatherapy, gentle music, and a relaxed pace. This salon assures the use of only 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic products, with their organic shampoo is even made locally here in Vancouver! Full groom prices start at $76.99, and go higher for larger doggies requiring more time. 

Woof! Dog Shoppe

At Woof! Dog Shoppe, your pup will be handled by owner Yuki and team. Yuki is a lifelong animal lover who, realizing where her true passions lay, turned to professional grooming. Woof! offers a wide range of services, including bathing, cuts, nail trimming, de-shedding and de-matting, and flea treatments. Now recently added to the menu is non-anesthetic dental care, which is highly sought after by pet parents wanting to take a gentler and less invasive approach. 

Pawsh Dog Spa

Boasting an impressive collection of awards, Pawsh has ranked as one of the best dog spas in Vancouver for 7 years running. The spa uses only premium hypo-allergenic shampoo, so doggies with sensitivities and owners disliking harsh chemicals can rest easy knowing only the best botanicals are being lathered on their pups. The expert groomers at Pawsh recommend consistent visits to ensure your dog remains healthy and fresh. Contact them for pricing and other inquiries. 

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Ball and Biscuit

Owner and operator Carrie juggled her full-time job and grooming on the weekends before taking a leap of faith into opening her own salon. Great reviews confirm this was the right move! Ball and Biscuit’s prices start at $75 for a full groom, and offer a handful of add-on treatments including pad shaving, paw shaping, and facial trims. Not sure who to trust with an experimental styling idea? Carrie loves to collaborate with owners and deliver creative, playful cuts. 

Barking Babies

Barking Babies isn’t just a salon, it’s a lifestyle. This deluxe boutique has expanded its output to include not only grooming and salon treatments, but dog training, top treats, accessories, luxury goods, and even Halloween costumes! Expect a base price of $70 for the full groom whole shebang, or indulge in à la carte services like face whitening and nail trimming. Treat your new baby to a puppy groom, which can be ordered for $40 and up. Barking Babies assures quality, chemical-free shampoo and conditioner with the possibility of hypoallergenic or specialized products if required. 

The Woof and Meow Spa

As the name would suggest, this pet spa will spoil your kitties too! The groomers here prioritize creating a safe and trusting relationship with their clients, both furry and human. The Woof and Meow’s full groom starts at $70, which includes the spa’s signature luxury bath. They are also trained in Nagayu services, to treat unpleasant and painful skin conditions. 

Young woman drying her dog with towel after bathing.

Some Needed R & R (Ruff & Relax)

If you’ve already visited Pep & Pup’s favourite Off-Leash Trails in Vancouver, your four-legged friend could wanting for a good scrub down. After your next salty swim or classic roll in the mud, check out one of these top doggie salons for some serious star treatment.