Who’s the best dog on TV of the last 20 years? We’ve given it some thought and have ranked these pups based on a fairly wooly set of factors. So, you can stop scratching your heads and chasing your tails.

10) Rowdy — Scrubs

Rowdy’s a Labrador (stuffed) and a great listener. You never have to walk him, which is a nice perk. He’s tough to train since he’s not skilled at fetch and literally can’t sit. Part of the joy of having a dog is their energy and personalities, so sadly Rowdy is at the bottom of our list.

9) Stella — Modern Family

Stella is a French Bulldog a little daredevil, constantly jumping into the pool and can even ride a skateboard. She loses a few points for her tendency to destroy cakes and high-heeled shoes. Still, look at that face.

8) Cheddar — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cheddar is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which makes him uniquely qualified to help you pull off an annual Halloween heist in your workplace. So, that’s handy. You can’t trust him with your cashmere sweaters, but you can train him to retrieve specific items. Perhaps he could pick up your kids from school or tidy your bedroom. Don’t leave him alone with your wedding cake.


7) Brian — Family Guy

Brian’s an immensely cultured and intelligent Labrador, but he also has a tendency to talk down to people and has a shaky moral compass. Still, he’s generally a great friend. Brian can also imitate a barbershop quartet without accompaniment. Let’s see Rowdy do that.

Brian’s death was mourned by fans across the world. One uberfan even got an “RIP Brian Griffin” tattoo, not taking the time to consider it might not be a permanent storyline. Brian was brought back to life during the same season with the use of time travel. We raised a paw and swore an oath to only give advice on pet-related topics, so we’ll say: you should not get tattoos to commemorate the passing of fictional animated dogs.

6) Snoopy — Peanuts

Snoopy is a Beagle, though far from average. He’s book love and author, can fly a plane, collects fine art, and has the alter egos Joe Cool and Flying Ace. He’s essentially Brian Griffin without the smugness and substance abuse issues. He also naps a lot, so he’s not a high-maintenance dog.

5) Scooby-Doo — Scooby-Doo

If you need one to help you uncover diamond theft by an embittered janitor in a ghoul mask, this is the dog for you. Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane who will frequently jump into your arms when frightened and eat you out of house and home. Still, he can speak in broken English, is a loyal friend, and is smarter than the average dog on TV.

4) Santa’s Little Helper — The Simpsons

It’s easy to forget that The Simpsons’ first ever episode was based around them getting Santa’s Little Helper, a Greyhound, and a gift which completes the family and saves Christmas. The dog may upstage you on your birthday, but he’ll lick your face and bravely defend you in a fight.

3) Vincent — Lost

Vincent is regular Labrador but will protect you from a polar bear. He’s plane-crash resistant. He can wake you up, warn you of dangers, retire with you on a deserted island, and will even (spoilers) lie down beside you in comfort during your last moments. He’s a top-three good boy for anyone’s money.

2) Eddie — Frasier

Eddie is a Jack Russell Terrier who received more fan mail than any other character on Frasier. He’s an incredibly perceptive pooch, understanding when you’re striking out on a date and is even there to eat the food you prepared after. Eddie will keep you company throughout your twilight years, sits quietly in your lap, and will even annoy your kids.

1) Seymour Asses — Futurama

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

He has a hilarious name. He can’t answer back. He will wait for your outside your work, even if it takes him a thousand years to see you again. Seymour Asses is a street dog, possibly with some Border Terrier in his makeup. This poor pooch (spoilers) froze to death in the New York winter waiting for Fry to come back in one of Futurama’s all-time iconic moments. How could he not be the number one best dog on TV? He exemplifies everything we love about our pets.

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