Your canine friend spends between 12 and 14 hours sleeping per day. And just like humans, dogs need a bed that not only feels comfortable but gives them the support and security they need to sleep well. Choosing a dog bed is no easy feat. It can get more than a bit overwhelming between the different styles, colours, textures, cushions, and fabrics. But not to worry! We’ve put together a list covering all the different dog bed styles and their benefits for your furry pals so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your pup.

Types of Dog Beds

Standard Dog Bed

These are your typical dog beds. They’re essentially more oversized cushions, and they don’t have a raised rim. These dog beds come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics, so if this is what you’re looking for, the sky’s the limit! 

a curly pup in a standard dog bed

Standard dog beds are perfect for travelling or for use in various rooms around the house where your dog may like to lounge or nap. These work great for most dogs as the sizes vary substantially, but if your dog is older, they may not offer quite enough structure or support for long bouts of snoozing. 

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Nest/Donut Beds

If you’ve got a nestler or a lounger for a pup, this is your bed! These beds often have raised rims around most, or even the entire circumference, of the bed and are typically made of soft plushy material. If your dog likes to curl up and bed down, they’ll love this bed. 

Skinny large dog in a plush donut nest dogs bed in an opulent living room

Platform Beds

Depending on your dog, a platform bed could be their absolute dream! Platform beds can be as simple as a cot that you can layer another dog bed on, or they can be as lavish as a doggy sofa. Either way, the main perk of these beds is that it raises your dog off the floor, keeps their bed cleaner and makes it a bit more work for any pests to get in there. But if you’ve got a dog with tiny legs or one that doesn’t go up and down things very well, leave the platform beds for the humans in the home. 

Orthopedic Beds

For dogs with arthritis, pressure sores, or just a bit of old age creak, this is the only bed you’ll want to look at! These are specifically designed for older dogs or ones with mobility problems. Like an orthopedic human bed, orthopedic dog’s beds are designed to give extra support that’s more evenly spread out under their body. These beds are also fantastic for thinner pups, so they don’t develop sore spots where they’ve been lying. 

Covered Dog Beds

Though these are generally reserved for small breeds, shy dogs of all sizes love a covered bed as well! These are an excellent way to give your dog a little privacy when they’re snoozing and give them a place of their very own to retreat to. Covered dog beds range from completely plush fabric varieties to more structured “house” versions for bigger dogs. 

a little dog in a teepee style covered dogs bed

Heated/Cooling Beds

These beds are very beneficial for some dogs but should only be used for a specific purpose. For example, if you live in a cold climate with a sparsely haired pup, then a heated bed would work wonders for them. Similarly, if your dog has joint aches and pains, the heat can work similar to a heating pad on an injury and soothe it. A heated bed could be a bit too much heat for dogs with lots of hair or living in a more temperate climate. Cooling beds are great if you live in hotter weather or if you’ve got a very shaggy buddy who overheats easily. A cooling bed is essentially the same feeling they get laying on a cool floor after a run, but much cleaner!

Choosing the right dog bed will not only take care of your dog’s health and sleep habits, but it’ll also make them feel oh so pampered—and what pup doesn’t deserve that!?

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