Miniature interior design is often a big task. We were spoiled for choice putting together this list, because there are loads of cute decor items available to furnish your fish tank. Check out our favourites below, all made of water-durable and non-toxic materials, for some inspiration on how to style your aquatic abode. 

Mushroom Forest

If you’ve stepped foot on Main Street in the last year, you’ve seen mushroom-themed jewelry, purses, dresses, art – everything. Now you can bring your fishy friend in on the fun(gi). This mushroom tree trunk piece is sweet and chic, for your sophisticated aquatic creatures. This piece is made of safe and durable resin, and can also be used in terrariums, gardens, or flower pots. Add some real greenery to your nature scene with Pep & Pup’s guide on Caring For Aquarium Plants

mushroom fish tank decor

Splendid Shipwreck

Recommended for 10 – 55 gallon aquariums, this 9.8” long ship decoration is no wallflower. The colouring is bright and non-toxic, and won’t fade over time. With so much room, multiple fish can hide and play pirate in this spooky shipwreck. No assembly required, just clean upon receival and place in tank for endless adventures.

shipwreck aquarium decor

Peaceful Temple

Made with eco-friendly non-toxic and non-pollutant resin, this zen castle is sure to mellow the waters. Unlike some accessories, the temple is double sided so it looks great from any angle and can be placed anywhere in the tank. This forest fixture is safe in both freshwater and saltwater environments, so everyone can enjoy a piece of the peace! At 6.7” long and 5.5” tall, make sure to measure your tank to know it will fit comfortably and not obstruct your fish’s living environments. 

fish tank decor

Fabulous Cave

Super cute cotton candy pink cave, what else do you even need? Colour coordinate with your own home decor or with other accessories in your tank. This fixture provides an adorable spot for your fishies to tuck away and get some beauty sleep. 

pink cave aquarium decor

Fluorescent Fun

Alright, we’re cheating a little. It’s the 2nd mushroom accessory on this list, but you’ll see why we had to include it. This glow-in-the-dark mushroom patch performs under actinic lighting, with blue or purple light said to be particularly effective. It’s flexible for small spaces, made of non-toxic silicone that gives it a realistic look and texture. While many fixtures incorporate a weighted base, so as to not float to the top of a tank, this fluorescent decoration has a powerful suction cup that can be attached to the base or walls. 

Cartoon Shenanigans

Bringing back any fond childhood memories? Jump right into your favourite cartoon with this literal pineapple under the sea. Open, airy, and unobstructive, some reviews say their fish will hang out inside this fruity fixture all day. Use this accessory in freshwater and saltwater, or in a terrarium for your insects or reptiles. 

Unidentified Fishy Object (UFO)

This cool piece is out-of-this-world, seriously. This alien fixture will not warp or fade in colour, and is aimed for our freshwater friends (sorry salties). Take a closer look, the detail on this safe and resin-made decoration is actually pretty gorgeous. 

ufo fish tank decor

Spooktacular Decor

Feeling a little festive? Complete your Halloween home makeover with some ghostly entertainment for your fishies. This 5-piece set includes a pumpkin-themed hide-away house, 3 different pumpkin ornaments, and a skull ornament. Celebrate the season with these weighted and water-safe accessories.

halloween fish tank decor

Don’t Swim Too Close To The… Sun?

For your fish’s safety, always double-check when it comes to adding materials into your tank. Items like driftwood and real corral can introduce bacterias and discolouring tannins to the water. Stay away from plastics and coppers, and always touch-test new decor for sharp edges or corners that could maim your fish. That is rule number one. Rule number too? Make sure to keep the size and proportions of your aquarium in mind when purchasing items, because there will be so many cute choices you might get carried away!