We are living in the age of technology, and these gadgets for pet owners can help your furry friends catch up.

Pet ownership is full of surprises beyond your control. While you might not be able to anticipate your dog’s ear infection or your cat’s spontaneous vomiting, you can invest in ways to streamline the predictable responsibilities of pet parenthood. Spare yourself some stress with these handy pet gadgets and simplify your daily routine.

1. Furbo 360° Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

This high-tech treat dispenser is an incredibly well-reviewed classic. This new edition boasts a 360° rotating camera, so anxious owners can always keep their pets in sight. Comfort your furry friend with a familiar voice remotely using the gadget’s real-time video and audio transmitter. Using the free app, pet parents can also enable ‘treat toss.’ Furbo will then dispense a treat for your pup at your command. It’s not cheap, but the price is fairly reasonable considering the wide range of features. It has night vision, auto dog tracking, and barking alerts.

Furbo Feeder

2. Catit Flower Fountain

Have you ever found your kitty desperately lapping at your dripping tap? This is because most cats actually prefer running water. It’s in line with their natural instincts and water bowls can uncomfortably bend their whiskers. Test the theory with the adorable Catit Flower Fountain, which recycles 3L of water with an energy-efficient pump. Reviews claim the petite fountain to be very quiet, unlike some larger designs that use a loud motor. Three different stream settings are available to suit your cat’s preferences.

Catit Fountain

3. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

This automatic feeder is ideal for those who work long hours or are inclined to frequent day trips. PETLIBRO can be programmed with a customizable meal size for any hour, and set to dispense one to four times a day. With a kibble capacity of 4L (nearly 17 cups), users can technically leave for an entire long weekend and rest easy knowing their cats are being fed on time. That said, power outages and technical failures do happen, so we recommend getting a friend or neighbour to check in to be safe. Still, this affordable gadget is great for saving time and relieving stress, whether you’re a shift worker or simply prone to a bit of forgetfulness.


4. Wisdom Panel Premium

You’ll love your mysterious mixed-breed rescue all the same, but it would still be nice to know. Eliminate the guesswork with Wisdom Panel Premium. It’s a DNA testing kit that will not only reveal the complete breed breakdown of your beloved pup, but the results of 210 health tests. Trace your pooch’s lineage back to their great granddog, and find out early if specific ailments might become a risk to their health. Users’ reviews are very positive for the most part. While the website lists two to three weeks as the expected window to receive results, many say they got theirs even quicker. 

Wisdom Panel Premium

5. Litter-Robot 3 Connect

We’ll say it right up front: the Litter-Robot 3 is not cheap. It is, however, the best-reviewed and one of the most highly-rated self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. Futuristic in its design and its tech, this gadget claims to help its users achieve the great feat of, “Never Scoop[ing] Again.” The Litter-Robot connects to an app, where doting owners can check on their kitties’ bathroom habits and be alerted when the tray needs emptying. The impressive size may not be suitable for those with small apartments, but it’s perfect for owners of midsize to large cats that are not catered to by budget self-clean litter boxes. 

Litter-Robot 3

6. K&H Thermo-Perch for Birds 

We didn’t forget about our feathery friends! This heated perch from K&H will help your bird maintain an ideal body temperature in the face of cool drafts or air conditioning. It’s made from tough and chemically-safe plastic to withstand chewing and nibbling. It’s also ergonomically designed to avoid damage to your birdie’s feet. It comes in sizes small, medium, and large, so everyone can enjoy warm toes on a cold night. 


Final Thoughts

Although these price tags can be disconcerting, the fretting spared by pet care gadgets can more than justify the investment. Compare with other budget options that might better suit your needs, but make sure to check reviews on its quality and efficacy. Looking for more ways to balance your busy schedule and your pets? Check out these Dog-Sitting Apps to find a pet-loving helper.