There’s a new It Girl in town, and she’s giving New York City’s most fabulous models and Instagram influencers a run for their money. She’s a petite blonde with long legs; a bold dresser who can pull off any silky Louis Vuitton scarf and tiny Jacquemus bag – it’s her signature style. The Balenciaga-toting fashion influencer is climbing New York’s social ladder one paw at a time. Of course, she’s a dog. And her name is Boobie. 

Boobie Billie Bratz

The six-pound Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua mix isn’t your average puppy influencer. She’s flaunting Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton… the list goes on. The fashion icon is also sassy and sweet (well-evidenced by her clever Instagram captions) and even dropped her own apparel line for humans.

It’s Boobie’s World

Boobie World is a creatively branded online retail store peppered with the pup’s cheeky Instagram catchphrases, such as “You look Gorgina.” She’s also nicknamed her fans “BBs,” a cute take on her full name “Boobie Billie.” The brand is primarily handbags with matching silk scarfs in her signature colours: lilac, butter yellow, and chartreuse (yes, chartreuse). 

Boobie World


Her owner(s) choose to remain anonymous. But to whoever decided to make the face of their clothing brand a furry one, it was a truly genius move.

She’s a Sneaker Gal

Boobie made her Instagram debut in December 2019. She wore a lilac jumpsuit with matching Nike Cortez sneakers. Her follower count rose, and she quickly became known as an Instagram icon to social media scrollers amongst the boredom and chaos of the pandemic. And fair enough. I can think of no better quarantine pastime than getting lost down a rabbit hole of pup-sized dresses and hats. Designer, obviously. 

Since then, she’s been pulling off six-pound-sized Chanel sweaters while matching her Balenciaga bags to every miniature pair of Nike sneakers. Because no outfit is complete without coordinating designer accessories. 

Boobie Billie Sneakers

She’s a sneaker gal. Every runway-ready pastel jacket is complemented by four Nike or Balenciaga shoes.

Let’s Call Her a Dog Boss

As someone who is not a big dressing-your-dog person or personifying-your-animals-on-their-Instagram-account person, I didn’t have very high expectations when my friend told me about the celeb canine. But, I got quite the kick out of Boobie’s witty captions and tongue-in-cheek interviews (or, more likely, her owner’s).

The dog apparel and influencer game is gaining traction indeed, likely a symptom of the boredom-inducing pandemic. Working from home and needing a reason to get outside is conducive to pet ownership. So, we saw an unprecedented number of people adopt fur friends, and those people had a more-than-usual amount of time to spend doing activities with them. These activities materialized in the form of matching mom or dad-dog outfits, photoshoots, and dog “influencing.” 

Billie Blue

That was the case for Boobie Billie. Her owners either wanted to pick up a new hobby or realized the substantial monetary opportunity that ‘dogfluencers’ provide. It’s safe to assume that Boobie’s doing pretty well for herself and her family; the Greyhuahua is making $270.00 for every mini purse sold! Not to mention she has a cool 273,000 Instagram followers and an impressive collection of partnerships with high-end designers. What a girl boss… Dog boss? Both? 

Instagram’s number one dog influencer has also been featured in several high-profile interviews for Dazed, Refinery, WWD, you name it. 

But Boobie’s not in it for the money (she’s a dog). Instead, she’s here to make a statement and remind you that you look fabulous. At the very least, her glamorous outfits and fiery Instagram personality are sure to make you smile.