Lots of people are dressing their pups, and lots of people have mixed feelings about that.

But Halloween is the exception to all apparel rules (like for humans), and this year’s costume tradition should exclude no pup. It’s the perfect opportunity to include your dog, cat, bird, reptile, hamster, or other little friends in the festivities.

There is essentially no end to the funny, quirky, DIY, scary, and creative Howl-oween ideas for pets. If you want your furry friend to make a statement at your next October party, keep reading for a list of Pep & Pup’s favourite dog Halloween costumes.

1. For the Dog with a Golden Mane

Oh, the irony of dressing up animals like other animals. This adorable lion’s mane is sure to get an emphatic “awwww” from every guest that walks into your Halloween party. It’s also guaranteed to get your pup lots of pets – your Golden Retriever, Labrador, or otherwise cream-coloured pup will thank you later.

lion mane costume halloween

2. A Pawsitively Adorable Idea

Is your four-legged friend a great mystery solver? An im-paw-ssive investigator? Do they always somehow know when the delivery man is coming to the door or where you hid the treats? Well, then, this Sherlock Holmes costume might be their true calling this Halloween. Plus, it’s really cute.

toy poodle detective sherlock holmes dog costume halloween

3. A Play on Words

Because it’s a Weiner Dog, ha-ha. This costume is sure to get an ironic laugh out of passers by on the street. It’s an adorable idea for any puppy, but if you happen to be a Weiner dog owner, the opportunity is almost unmissable. 

dog hotdog

4. For the Pup’s Who Always Make You Laugh

If your pup likes to clown around, help them look the part with this scrunchy clown collar and hat. Will they shake off the hat 5 minutes into the evening? Probably. But their adorable look will make this costume well-worth the investment!

dog clown

5. For Dogs With a Sense of Humour

This shark costume, or shark attack costume (depending on the kind of person you are) is equally as cute and ironic as the lion’s mane costume. Make a great (white) statement as you go door-to-door this All Hallows’ Eve. 

small dog shark costumes halloween

6. For Dogs Who Dream of the Old West

This Halloween, let your dog run wild with this horse-cowboy costume. This one is definitely more difficult to make at home, but it’s so rebarkable, it might be worth the money. Your pup will be the star of the show!

interactive cowboy corgi costume

7. For the Dog Who Keeps Up With the Trends

Make it a group costume! You and your friends or family can dress up as the Stranger Things gang and your pup can play the cutest supporting role as a Demogorgon. This is also a great DIY option. If you have some spare time on your hands, grab a pup-sized headband, a pair of scissors, and some red construction paper.

demagorgon stranger things small dog yorkie costume halloween

8. For the BFFs

You have two fur friends and have to come up with two equally creative ideas – not to worry. This cute condiment costume is perfect for a pair. Get it on Etsy and make your companions into everyone’s favourite combo. (For the very specific subset of people who happen to have a Weiner dog and two other small dogs, there is definitely a fun opportunity there – refer to #3). 

bff ketchup and mustard small dog costume halloween

9. For the Really Really Good Boy

If your pup never chases the squirrels on walks or tries to reach for the lasagna on the counter, then they are truly deserving of this radiant angel-dog costume. Even if they do, they can still play the part! After all, Halloween is the day of make-believe. This outfit is for all the good pups out there, and it’s simply adorable.

angel dog costume halloween halo wings

10. A Truly Terrifying Idea

Have you seen that video of that spider-dressed-dog running around chasing unsuspecting people? You know the one? I can imagine nothing worse than what looks like a giant spider crawling into my elevator – but it’s still really funny. Dress up your small-sized, black-coloured puppy as a spider this year and consider keeping them inside, away from unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

dog spider

Picking the Right Dog Halloween Costume

Pet Halloween costumes are plain funny. Just imagine the cuteness overload that would come from matching costumes between your kids and your pup, or between you and your furry friend. Watch them run around and freak people out dressed as a not-so-little critter, or become the star of the show in a wooing lion’s mane.

This list tells us that most of the costumes people dress up as, dogs can dress up as too. If you have a favourite movie duo or inventive costume idea that PetSmart hasn’t dreamed up yet, grab the sewing machine and try something original this year. 

If you have other ideas to add to the list, help the other last-minute Halloween-planning dog-parents out in the comments. 

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